Opening a Business in Tucker

The City of Tucker is implementing a new process in 2024 for businesses looking to open within the City. The process, as well as other considerations, are outlined below.

The first step is to submit a BLA application to the City of Tucker Planning and Zoning Division. We recommend completing this step before you sign a lease or purchase a property, as this process ensures your proposed use complies with the zoning regulations for the property. If the BLA is approved, you can proceed with the CO-Business and OTC applications below. If the use is not permitted on the property, you will need to find another location to operate your business.

NOTE: Home-based businesses must also submit the following:  BLA HOME OCCUPATION AFFIDAVIT.


The CO-Business application shall be submitted to the City of Tucker Fire Marshal. This step includes a floor plan review and on-site life-safety inspection. The purpose of this step to ensure the business space is safe to occupy and that all required life safety systems for the specific use are in working order. A Certificate of Occupancy - Business is for the business space only and is different from a Certificate of Occupancy for the building. For example, a building with three office spaces would have one Certificate of Occupancy - Building and three Certificates of Occupancy-Business.

If you need assistance determining your occupancy classification, please review our  Occupancy Classification Information.

Curious about what is needed to pass the Life Safety Inspection? Find our more by reviewing our Life Safety Inspection Checklist for New Businesses.

NOTE: Home-based businesses do not require a Certificate of Occupancy for a New Business.


Each person engaged in a business, trade, professional or occupation shall pay an occupational tax to the City of Tucker Finance Department. A copy of your BLA approval is required to be submitted with your OTC application, along with the documents that are listed in the OTC Checklist. Note that most people refer to this as a business license, but the official term is OTC.

In order to be in compliance with the regulations of the City of Tucker, you must obtain a BLA, a CO for the business, and an OTC. Additionally, please note the following:

  • The OTC is required to be renewed annually.
  • The sale of alcohol also requires a City of Tucker and State of Georgia Alcohol License.
  • Failure to comply with any of these steps will result in a citation. 
NOTE: Places of worship and non-profits are not required to obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate. They are only required to obtain a BLA and CO-Business


Building Modifications. If you plan on doing any construction or modifications in the space, including exterior modifications, you will likely need a building permit.

Signage. All signage, both temporary and permanent, requires a sign permit.  The sign permit should be obtained before the signage is manufactured/installed.

City of Tucker Business Outreach Specialist. Provides concierge service to new and existing Tucker businesses, assisting them with obtaining their OTC and navigating DeKalb County permitting while also connecting our businesses with city and county resources from Ribbon Cuttings to workforce development support.

DeKalb County Watershed Management (DWM) provides all water and sewer services for businesses within the City of Tucker. If your landlord or property owner does not maintain an account, you will need reach out to DWM to set up an account or change the billing information on an existing account. A FOG review is required for any business which serves food.

DeKalb County Sanitation provides trash collection services for businesses within the City of Tucker. If your landlord or property owner does not maintain an account, you will need to reach out to DeKalb Sanitation to set up an account. Please note that all new dumpsters are required to be enclosed per the City of Tucker Zoning Ordinance.

DeKalb County Health Department. Any establishment in which food is being served will need approval from the DeKalb County Health Department. This includes schools, day cares, churches, as well as restaurants.

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