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What is the Chamblee Tucker Lane Diet?

The stretch of Chamblee Tucker Road from Lavista to Tucker Norcross Road is notorious for speeding cars and the increasing number of accidents that routinely occur. It also has two walkable schools, Livsey Elementary and Tucker High School, and a park. The Mayor and Council recognized the dangers of the road and voted to fund a traffic study. The study found that with over 20,000 vehicles driving this section of Chamblee Tucker on a daily basis that it qualified for a lane diet.

The purpose of this lane diet is to make the road safer for pedestrians and drivers turning in and out of their neighborhoods. There are currently two travel lanes in each direction and the lane diet will bring that down to a single travel lane and a bike lane in both directions and a turn lane with medians. We will make updates on construction progress and scheduling in the coming weeks.


Project Updates

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May 27,  2022 Update

Update from the City of Tucker includes anticipated project timeline.


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