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Northlake Mall - Tucker, GA

Q: What is annexation?

A: Annexation is the process of new residents and businesses joining themselves to a city.

Q: How much annexation has occurred in Tucker since incorporation in 2016?
A: Parts of three different neighborhoods have successfully petitioned for annexation into the City of Tucker. Residents along Livsey Drive were the first to join back in September 2016. That was followed by homeowners in the Wanda Woods and Westwood subdivisions on January 1, 2017. These residential annexations have resulted in the City growing in size by approximately 70 acres. More than 100 businesses have shown an interest in becoming part of the City, as well. In 2018, Briarcliff Village Shopping Center applied for and was granted annexation, bringing an array of restaurants and shopping options into Tucker. Just a year later, much of neighboring Northlake Mall chose to annex into Tucker. On the other end of town, several different commercial properties along E. Ponce de Leon Ave. have annexed into the the City of Tucker.

Q: What are the benefits of annexation?
A: For homeowners, it means a much closer relationship to the place where you live, greater access to elected officials, and increased influence over local decision-making. For businesses and commercial property owners, it means better relationships with local officials and a much better process for permits, licenses, re-zoning requests and more. For everyone, it means a greater sense of community, where we make decisions together about how to improve our quality of life.

Q: What steps need to be taken by a resident or business owner who wants to be annexed into the City of Tucker?
A: First of all, anyone requesting annexation must have property contiguous to the current boundary of the City of Tucker. If that’s the case, you need 60 percent of your neighbors to sign a petition stating they want to be annexed in. Then present that petition to the city. Or, for your property, you can simply request the city annex you via the “100 percent method”. Annexation petitions are not automatically granted. The Mayor and City Council consider all petitions and then have to cast a majority vote to accept any petitions. 

Contact the Mayor, any City Council member or City Hall with any questions you may have.

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