Code Enforcement FAQ


Q: What is code enforcement?
A: Each locality has a standard (code) by which property owners must abide. It pertains to property maintenance, authorized use and general condition of their residential or commercial property. When individuals fail to meet these standards, the locality has an obligation to the community to obtain compliance (enforcement).

Q: Why is code enforcement necessary?
A: Effective code enforcement has been shown to increase property values, bolster public safety, protect public health and improve the overall image of a community.

Q: Who are code enforcement officers?
A: Code enforcement officers are trained professionals who work with local governmental bodies to enforce ordinances relating to residential and commercial properties. Tucker’s Code Enforcement Manager is Maricela Perdomo. You can reach her at

Q: Does code enforcement ONLY pertain to buildings?
A: No. There are also uniform standards pertaining to:

  • Fences or walls around a property
  • High grass and weeds
  • Accumulation of rubbish
  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Parking on unpaved surfaces
  • Outdoor storage
  • Prohibited signage

Q: What is the code enforcement process?
A: Those not in compliance will receive a notice in writing. That notice will come either by mail or it will be posted at the property. The notice will allow for a certain period of time for the owner or occupant to come into compliance. If the owner or occupant fails to act by the deadline, they may be issued a citation to appear in court and could face a fine.

Q: Is the city using code enforcement as a primary means to generate revenues?
A: No! When residents or businesses are cited for a code violation they are typically given ten days to come into compliance. Although there are no statistics yet for Tucker, in other Metro Atlanta localities the overwhelming majority of code violators take the steps necessary to avoid a fine.

Q: How do I report a code complaint?
A: You can file a complaint by phone at 678-597-9040, email at or submit a complaint online.

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