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Q: How big a problem is coyote activity in the City of Tucker?

A: While there is no way to accurately count the number of coyotes present within the Tucker City limits, there have been numerous complaints to City Hall and over social media about the animals’ presence in residential areas of Tucker. Some of these complaints have just been coyote sightings, while others have reported attacks on small pets.

Q: Are coyotes naturally aggressive animals, or do they only get aggressive when provoked?
A: According to wildlife studies, coyotes are naturally inclined to avoid contact with humans. In fact, nationwide there are only a few coyote attacks on humans each year. This can change, however, in more urban areas where humans tend to feed coyotes. It is never a good idea to feed a coyote.

Because pets are smaller, coyotes are more apt to see them as prey. If a neighbor reports a coyote sighting, it is worth considering keeping your pets indoors, especially at night when coyotes are prone to hunt for food.

Q: Who do I call if I see a coyote in my neighborhood?
A: Only certified coyote trapping specialists can be used in the state of Georgia to round up and remove coyotes from urban areas. After a coyote is trapped, it must be euthanized. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has compiled a list of certified specialists in our area that you can call if you encounter a coyote near your home.

Q: What steps can I take if I see a coyote on my property?
A: The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has authorized residents to trap or kill nuisance wildlife, but only after they have obtained a state permit. A permit can only be obtained after the applicant has taken and passed an exam at a DNR field office. 

If a coyote enters your property and poses an immediate danger to you or your family, the law empowers you to employ deadly force with or without a permit.

Q: Can anything be done to keep coyotes out of our neighborhoods?
A: Yes. Wildlife experts say there are several steps homeowners can take to avoid attracting coyotes. This list was compiled by the City of Dunwoody after they experienced a similar coyote intrusion:

  • Install fencing around your yard
  • Install motion-activated floodlights outside your home
  • Clean and store grills
  • Bring pets indoors at night
  • Keep pet food indoors
  • Keep trash can lids securely fastened

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