Public Safety FAQ


Q: Does Tucker have its own police force?

A: No. When the city was incorporated, leadership decided it would be in the best interest of public safety to continue on with DeKalb County Police. With established infrastructure and more than 700 officers on the force, DeKalb Police are well-suited to respond quickly to any emergency – large scale or small – in the city of Tucker.

Q: Does Tucker have any representation on the DeKalb Police force?
A: In addition to housing the Tucker and North Central Police precincts, Tucker has its own dedicated officer on the force. Lt. D.G. Schoeppner. As the liaison officer for the City of Tucker, you will see Lt. Schoeppner at most city meetings and events. He is also tasked with briefing the mayor and city council on efforts to increase public safety within the city of Tucker.

Q: Property crimes – particularly business burglaries – seem to be increasing across the Metro Atlanta area. What are DeKalb Police doing to crack down on these types of crimes?
A: During the holiday season, Tucker Precinct has initiated it’s Holiday Plan. This will include conducting enforcement specials in targeted hot spot areas, working with surrounding precincts and agencies for additional enforcement, approving officers to work overtime specials throughout the precinct, utilizing unmarked vehicles and officers to locate and apprehend criminals in the act, as well as other similar tactics.

Specifically with business burglaries, police have increased business patrols during the overnight hours and have been using detectives and crime scene to respond when available and when circumstances at the scene permit.

Q: Is there anything the public can do to help reduce crime in the city of Tucker?
A: Yes! If you see suspicious activity in your community, report it to the police. Consider organizing a neighborhood watch. Additionally, remember to lock your cars. Thieves are on the lookout – in shopping centers, at the gas pump and in neighborhoods – for cars that can be easy targets for break-ins. Especially around the holiday season, if you leave purses, cell phones, shopping bags or anything else that may be of value in plain view inside your car, you’re leaving yourself open to crime. Take those extra few seconds to hide valuables in the trunk and lock up your car before you leave.

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