Sunday Alcohol Sales FAQ


Q: Is it legal for a retailer to sell alcohol in the city of Tucker on a Sunday?

A: Yes. According to city ordinance 2016-11-39, the sale of alcohol is permitted on Sundays during the hours stipulated by the state of Georgia. That means you can buy alcohol Sundays after 12:30 p.m. in the city of Tucker.

Q: Is it just beer and wine that can be sold on Sundays or can liquor be sold, too?
A: The ordinance allows for “retail sales of distilled spirits” (liquor) on Sundays after 12:30 p.m.

Q: Did City Council need to take action to approve Sunday sales in Tucker?
A: On December 12, 2016, City Council amended the original alcohol ordinance to authorize Sunday package sales. They needed to do this because the original DeKalb code did not authorize Sunday package sales and Tucker had adopted DeKalb’s ordinance.

Q: Where can I find the exact language for the ordinance and amendment pertaining to Sunday sales in Tucker?
A: Exact language of the amendment voted on by City Council is posted in the meeting packet. You can find that by clicking this link and scrolling to page 12 of the packet.

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