Taxation FAQ


Q: How much property tax am I paying to the City of Tucker?

A: The City of Tucker currently has a zero-millage rate, meaning we do not collect a dime in property taxes. What residents see on their tax bills is the millage rate for DeKalb County. This money goes towards public safety, infrastructure, other services provided at the County level, as well as funding for schools.

Q: If that’s true, then how does the City fund its budget?
A: The City of Tucker took over business licensing from DeKalb County in 2016. Businesses within the City limits now apply to Tucker, not to DeKalb, for their annual licenses. These licenses come with an annual fee, which goes to the City’s operating budget.

While business licenses make up much of the City’s revenues, there are other sources, as well. The City of Tucker collects a hotel/motel tax, excise tax on liquor by the drink, excise tax on wholesale alcohol and a tax on vehicle rentals. Additionally, the City receives a franchise fee from utilities like Comcast and Georgia Power for access to road rights-of-way in the City.

In November, DeKalb County voters approved a special-purpose local-option sales tax (SPLOST), which will provide the City of Tucker with approximately $5-6 million per year over the next six years to be spent on improvements to roads and drainage, public safety and parks. You can find more details on SPLOST funding and allocations here.

Q: How much do businesses pay to the City in license fees?
A: The fee for a business license or business license renewal is $125 for any entity in the City. On top of that, a tax proportionate to the type of business, number of employees and projected gross receipts for the upcoming year will be applied.

Q: Is the City charging more than DeKalb County was for business licenses?
A: No, the City of Tucker fee schedule is exactly the same as it was for DeKalb County when the County was providing these services.

Q: How can I keep up with how City money is being spent?
A: The City website has a page dedicated to tracking revenues and expenditures. You can view these by year or by month, tracking every penny that comes in our out of City Hall at

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