Current Land Development Applications

Land Disturbance Permits (LDP) are required for certain land-disturbing activity within the City of Tucker. All land development is required to comply with the Georgia Erosion and Sedimentation Act of 1975 and must meet the minimum requirements for soil erosion and sedimentation control using best management practices (BMPs). An LDP is required when there is:

  • More than 5,000 square feet of disturbance at a commercial site
  • More than 1 acre of disturbance at a residential site
  • Any disturbance within 200’ of a state water

An LDP is commonly known as the horizontal development stage (clearing, grading, roads, utilities, stormwater) while building permits are known as the vertical development stage. An LDP is the first step in the development process when land is being developed by-right, which means that the current zoning designation of the property allows the use, structure, density, etc. that is being constructed.

The following are LDPs that are currently under review by the City of Tucker:

Residential Land Development Permits Under Review

  • PLD23-0002 – 2142 Fellowship Road
  • PLD22-0028 – 3320 Lawrenceville Hwy
  • PLD22-0029 – 3207 Lawrenceville Hwy

Commercial Land Development Permits Under Review

  • PLD23-0013 – 1731 Mountain Industrial Blvd
  • PLD22-0022 – 1250 & 1220 Richardson Street

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