Lead the Pack

The City of Tucker’s Parks and Recreation Department has introduced a new program to encourage residents to keep their pets on-leash while walking within City parks. “Lead the Pack” is an effort to increase public awareness about leash laws, as well as change long-standing behaviors for many pet owners.

“We’ve heard from people in our parks about dogs running up to them on trails or threatening their smaller pets and that is simply unacceptable,” said Parks and Recreation Director Rip Robertson. “What we’ve found from studying the issue is that some people aren’t aware of the ordinance, while others are a bit more stubborn. This is a public safety issue and we think this program, along with continued enforcement, is a good first step.”

“Lead the Pack” asks residents to sign a pledge to keep their pets on-leash anytime they are in Tucker’s parks and to encourage friends and neighbors to do the same. Those who sign the pledge will get a free custom leash from the City while supplies last.

While leash laws are enforced by DeKalb County Animal Control, the City of Tucker has employees and contractors in the parks at most times of the day. If anyone sees a pet roaming off-leash, they can find one of those staffers or call the Parks Department at (678) 597-9040 to report when and where the offense occurred.

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