Public Participation Plan

Curious for more information about our land use petition process?

The goal of the Public Participation Plan is to ensure that applicants pursue early and effective public participation in conjunction with their land use petition request. Several notification tools are outlined below so that as many people can be made aware of, and involved, as possible. We encourage the applicant to not only reach out before an application is filed, but throughout the process as well.

A Public Participation (neighborhood) meeting is required before a Land Use application (comprehensive plan amendment, rezoning, SLUP, major modification) can be submitted. The applicant is responsible for scheduling the neighborhood meeting, hosting the meeting, taking meeting minutes, circulating a sign-in-sheet, and preparing a Public Participation Plan Report that outlines the questions/concerns/comments made at the meeting and the applicant’s responses. Supporting materials related to the Public Participation meeting are required to be submitted with your Land Use Case application. Failure to comply will result in an incomplete application, which will not be accepted.

Public Participation Meeting Requirements:

    • Host a neighborhood meeting prior to making application.
      • Applicant is solely responsible for completing the requirements of the neighborhood meeting.
      • We encourage the neighborhood meeting to be held near the subject property.
    • Mail a letter to nearby property owners alerting them of the meeting location/time and the proposed land use petition request.
      • Letters shall be mailed to everyone with 500’ of the subject property
      • City staff can provide an address list.
      • Letter is required to be mailed at least 14 calendar days before the neighborhood meeting.
      • Use template from City of Tucker when drafting the letter
      • Letter shall include a site plan of the proposal and the City of Tucker Land Use Petition Process Flyer
    • Social Media/Email Distribution
      • Email City Council and Planning Commission about neighborhood meeting,
      • Provide meeting information, including all documentation that was mailed out, to city staff for posting on city website, facebook, city email blast. Information shall be provided at least 14 calendar days before the neighborhood meeting.
      • We encourage posting on Nextdoor and various other platforms.

Submittal Requirements:

      • Copy of the letter that was mailed to neighbors
      • Copy of address list for mailing
      • Meeting sign-in sheet
      • Meeting minutes
      • Public Participation Plan Report (see template). This report shall cover questions asked, comments, concerns, applicant’s responses to each, and changes made since the meeting. It shall also include a copy of the plan that was presented at the neighborhood meeting.

    Note: Staff encourages you to schedule your neighborhood meeting several weeks before you intend to apply for your land use petition so that there is enough time to evaluate the comments/concerns from the neighbors and make changes to the plans before formal application submittal.


Project Name: Igeslia Bethesda
6430 Lawrenceville Highway
Contact Name: Gloria M. Gutierrez 
Meeting Date: November 14, 2023
Meeting Time: 6 p.m.
Meeting Location:
6430 Lawrenceville Highway
Request: Modification of zoning conditions to allow a church

Project Name: Albert’s House Five, LLC
4372 Lawrenceville Highway
Contact Name: Stegenga + Partners 
Meeting Date: November 22, 2023
Meeting Time: 9 a.m.
Meeting Location:
4372 Lawrenceville Highway
Request: Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) to allow Personal Care Home (4-6)


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