Municipal Court FAQs

How can I speak to the Solicitor about my case?
Solicitors are available on court day. 

How do I get my own attorney?  
Court staff cannot provide legal advice.  Once you select an attorney, they must submit an Entry of Appearance to before your court date.

What happens if I can’t afford an attorney? 
The judge may appoint a public defender at no charge if you qualify.

I received a citation from the City of Tucker – what do I need to do now? 
Your court date (known as an arraignment date) is listed at the bottom of the front page of the citation. This is the date by which you are required to appear in court.

What happens if I am late for court? 
Send an email to or call 678-597-9040 and try to make it to court as soon as possible.

What happens if I do not appear in court? 
For failure to appear in court, the judge may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

How do I pay a fine? 
Once you appear in court and the judge rules on how much of a fine you are given you can go online and pay by credit card at  or cash or credit card in person to the payment office located at Tucker Annex Building 4228 1st Ave Tucker GA.  If you need time to make the payment, probation services is available to set up a payment plan.

What additional penalties can be added to a court citation?

Late Payment Fee - $50.00 after 30 days of non-payment after judge’s ruling
Warrant Fee - $200.00
Admin/Technology Fee - $25.00 per citation
Contempt Fee  - $100.00
Failure to Appear Fee - $100.00

How can I plead? 
You will be handed a Waiver of Rights Form in court and can plead Guilty, Not Guilty or Nolo Contendere (you do not contest charges).

Are foreign language interpreters available?
Interpreters can be provided for any court session. If you require translation for a language other than English, please inform the clerk's office prior to the court date by calling (678) 597-9040 or email

How do I get a copy of the traffic accident report?
Traffic citations are handled through DeKalb Traffic Division Clerk at 404-294-2099 or

How do I get a copy of the disposition of my case? 
Requests for public documents once the case is closed can be made by completing an Open Records Request on the online portal by clicking New Request.

How can I get a copy of ordinances?
City of Tucker Code of Ordinances can be found at:

What property maintenance codes are enforced?
The City enforces the latest edition of the state minimum standards codes as set forth by O.C.G.A. 8.2-20. 
Also see City Code of Ordinances Chapter 8 Buildings and Construction on Municode link at:

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