Tucker Municipal Court

NOTE: Tucker Municipal Court will be closed on Friday May 24 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.


  • Face mask and/or coverings are optional but strongly encouraged
  • Everyone must go through security before entering the courtroom
  • No food or drink allowed inside the courtroom
  • Always maintain a safe distance

Tucker Municipal Court has jurisdiction over violations of State law and local ordinances that occur within the city limits of Tucker.

The City of Tucker Municipal Court is located at 1975 Lakeside Parkway, Suite 350B. The courtroom entrance is on the right-hand side of City Hall.

Upon arrival, you will sign in. To ensure safety, all individuals will go thru security and all articles entering the court room are subject to search. 

In the event of inclement weather please call (678) 597-9040 to inquire into any court closure.

Click Here to view your scheduled court appearance or to review the court's docket. 

Court dates and times are printed on your citation. You must appear in court on the date and time listed on the citation. Once the citation is issued, the officer is not allowed to revoke it; only the Municipal Court Judge can dispose of it. Neither a Police Officer nor Municipal Court Personnel can advise you on how you should handle your case in court. If you need assistance, contact an attorney.

Some citations require a mandatory court appearance and some citations may be paid in advance without having to come to court.  You may check the online docket or visit tuckerpay.com to see if your citation is payable before court without having to appear. 

Important: Failure to pay citation and/or appear in court may result in a license suspension and/or warrant issued for your arrest.

You may receive one continuance per court case.  All request for a change in court date must be made by the Friday before your original court date.  All request for a change in court date requires a signature on the reset form.  If you have had a prior extension or have appeared in court for your case; an additional continuance may not be granted by Municipal Court Personnel; only by the judge or solicitor on case by case basis in open court.

To request a change in court date you must do one of the following:

  • Sign the form in person at Tucker Municipal Court located at 1975 Lakeside Pkwy, Suite 350B, Tucker, GA 30084 during normal business hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and provide a state issued identification card at the time of request.
  • Email court@tuckerga.gov to request a continuance.  Once a Municipal Court Clerk receives the email for a request for continuance, a reset form will then be emailed to the defendant. The defendant must sign and return the form via email along with a picture or copy of a state issued identification card before the continuance will be granted.  Please call 678-597-9040 for confirmation.



Click here for form

Email the completed form to court@tuckerga.gov (call 678-597-9040 for confirmation).

The courtroom is a place of order and structure. You should always act in a respectful manner when in the presence of the judge, court staff, attorneys, court officers and other persons attending court. Once the court has made a ruling in your case, continue to be respectful as you exit the courtroom. Attempts to disrupt the court once the judge has made a ruling will result in contempt of court which can result in a fine and/or jail time.

  • Be on time and address the judge as “Your Honor”
  • No weapons (guns, knives, pepper spray, tools) allowed
  • All cell phones and other noise making devices must be turned off or set to vibrate
  • No food or drinks allowed or loud gum chewing
  • No hats, shorts, tank tops or halter tops allowed and sunglasses must be removed

Probation Officers ensure that defendants comply with the Order of the Court to complete special conditions, as well as those who must pay fines and fees as assessed by the Court. In the event you become non-compliant with the Court’s order, you will be brought before the court for a revocation hearing.

If you have been placed on probation and need to make a payment or need information regarding your case, please contact:
Professional Probation Services Inc.
Phone: (404) 373-6337


Call 678-597-9040 for confirmation that email was received.

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