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OCTOBER 12, 2021



Tucker City Council Unanimously Approves Inclusion Resolution, Pledges to Set Up Working Group

TUCKER, Ga. (October 13, 2021) – Tucker’s City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to adopt a resolution providing for an “Inclusive, Fair and Welcoming City”, mirroring resolutions passed in nearby cities like Pine Lake and Stone Mountain. The resolution was introduced by Mayor Frank Auman and will be distributed to all licensed businesses within the City of Tucker.

“I have long wanted to pass a resolution confirming that we, as a city, embrace our diversity and seek to protect all people from discrimination,” Auman told the crowd gathered at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. “We have always said, well before cityhood even, that it is our people that make Tucker a welcoming place and, when we say people, we mean all people.”

In addition to the resolution, the Mayor asked Councilmembers Anne Lerner, Matt Robbins and Pat Soltys to establish the framework for a working group of residents to study a legally defensible non-discrimination ordinance for the City of Tucker.



“My fellow councilmembers, for over two years now (with some interruptions by COVID), we have been educating ourselves and talking with many, many members of the public, about how to ensure not only that Tucker is an inclusive, fair and welcoming community, but that we find a way to make clear to our citizens and to the world beyond that that is the case.

Tonight, I’m asking you to take action with me.

During the Tucker Business Association/Tucker Civic Association Mayoral Candidate Forum a few weeks ago, I said, like I have many times in the past, that I fully support the intent of a non-discrimination ordinance and have long wanted to pass a resolution confirming that we, as a City, embrace our diversity and seek to protect all people from discrimination. I’ve not pursued a resolution because some voices said it was not enough.

Well, since the forum, I’ve heard from many other voices, in homes and neighborhoods across Tucker, in the grocery store and on Main Street. These voices have urged me to present such a resolution to Council because it does have meaning. It’s what’s in their hearts. It’s what’s in my heart. It’s in your hearts, and most important it’s in the hearts of our community. Those people encouraged me emphatically to do what we can do now. They urged me to remove the politics of the matter and make it about what it should be – people. People over politics.

We’ve always said, well before cityhood, it’s our people that make Tucker a special, welcoming place. And when we say people, we mean ALL people. We should always seek to draw strength from our diversity. When we do, we accomplish great things. At no time was that more apparent than during the cityhood movement when we ALL came together to keep Tucker, ALL of Tucker as One community as others sought to divide us and pit us against one another. Instead, we united and made history. And we have continued to make historic progress ever since.

I am grateful for all of you who took the time to reach out in support of a resolution. I also want to thank the cities of Stone Mountain, Pine Lake and Columbus for sharing their own resolutions, which inform and add greatly to this one.”

Mask Message from Mayor Auman

On July 28, Mayor Auman called on the community to mask up and consider getting vaccinated. His call for action comes as the Delta Variant has COVID cases across the nation spiking.


JULY 28, 2021





JULY 1, 2021




State of the City Address

On July 1, Mayor Frank Auman delivered his fifth State of the City Address. In his speech, the Mayor made the case for Tucker’s strength as we begin to emerge from the global pandemic, as well as laid out a vision for Tucker’s future.


Mayor Auman's Update on COVID-19

At Monday night's City Council meeting, Mayor Frank Auman offered an update on the COVID pandemic and how it is impacting life here in Tucker and DeKalb County.


May 10, 2021





MARCH 13, 2021




Mayor Auman Shares Anniversary Thoughts

It's been a year since the big shutdown. On this most solemn of anniversaries, Mayor Auman offers his perspective on how Tucker has come through the crisis and on what lies ahead.


Coronavirus Update

Last night, Mayor Auman gave an update on the coronavirus pandemic and the latest trends here in the Tucker area.


March 9, 2021





February 17, 2021




Restaurant Week Proclamation

Mayor Frank Auman joined restaurateurs from across Tucker in proclaiming February 24-28 to be Tucker Restaurant Week. The proclamation was presented to James Tsismanakis, Executive Director and CEO of Discover DeKalb..


State Legislator Proclamations

At the City Council meeting on January 11, Mayor Auman presented proclamations to State Sen. Steve Henson and State Rep. Michele Henson as they prepare to leave public life after several decades of service.


JANUARY 11, 2021





FEBRUARY 8, 2021




Mayor Auman's Coronavirus Update

At Monday's City Council meeting, Mayor Auman gave an update on trends with the coronavirus here in DeKalb County and across the State of Georgia.


Remembering Bill Rosenfeld

At the City Council meeting on Monday January 25, Mayor Auman offered words of healing and of hope in the wake of the sudden passing of Councilman Bill Rosenfeld.


JANUARY 25, 2021





JANUARY 11, 2021




Mayor Auman's thoughts on the state of the pandemic

At the City Council meeting on January 11, Mayor Auman presented updated information about COVID.


State Legislator Proclamations

At the City Council meeting on January 11, Mayor Auman presented proclamations to State Sen. Steve Henson and State Rep. Michele Henson as they prepare to leave public life after several decades of service.


JANUARY 11, 2021





December 14, 2020




Mayor Auman COVID Update

At the City Council meeting on December 14, Mayor Auman presented updated information about COVID.



Hugh Howell Marketplace

Today was an exciting day for Tucker’s future, as we broke ground on Hugh Howell Marketplace at the site of the old Sears distribution center on the corner of Hugh Howell and Mountain Industrial. The developer, Branch Properties, is investing $25 million in the project, which will be home to a state of the art Publix, and a range of other stores, restaurants and amenities themed around healthy living. With the arrival of the new Smoke Rise Elementary School, the relocation of Tucker’s own Crespac, and significant traffic improvements in the corridor, this once-blighted area will soon be a vibrant destination for Tucker’s citizens.

It’s a significant investment and vote of confidence in Tucker’s future, and I want to thank and congratulate everyone for their dedication and commitment to getting it all done right through the COVID pandemic. It’s been a great example of government supporting business to produce results for our city, planning and building for the future despite the many obstacles. As a result, we will not be standing flat-footed when we emerge from the present crisis, but will instead hit the ground running toward our future.



November 5, 2020






October 26, 2020




Mayor's Business Award 2020

On October 26, Mayor Auman presented his third annual Mayor's Business Award to the leadership team from FODAC.



Mayor Auman Looks at Latest Pandemic Statistics and Trends

Mayor Auman updated the community on positive trends in the coronavirus pandemic at the City Council meeting on October 13.



October 13, 2020





September 15, 2020




Mayor Auman Coronavirus Update

There are some positive trends in the battle against coronavirus. Mayor Auman took time during Monday's City Council meeting to look at some of the strides being made thanks to the diligence of mask wearing Tucker residents and those in surrounding areas.



Mayor Calls for Census Completion

Have you submitted your Census forms yet? You have until September 30 to make your household count! Every Tucker resident who completes participates in the Census brings more federal resources to our area in terms of hospitals, roads and schools. And if you’ve already completed the Census, tell your friends and neighbors to do the same!



September 14, 2020





July 13, 2020




Mayor Auman Encourages Mask Wearing

With the coronavirus pandemic still at the forefront of our national consciousness, Mayor Auman is urging all Tucker residents to do the smart thing: wear a mask.



Reflections on Our Nation's Independence

Hundreds of millions of Americans celebrate our nation's independence, but most don't give much thought to how our nation was founded. Mayor Auman offers a look back at our nation's founding and evolution on this Independence Day 2020.



July 3, 2020





June 11, 2020




Conversation with Commissioner Nancy Jester

Mayor Auman joined DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester on her weekly Facebook live broadcast to discuss several issues including social injustice, agreements between the City and the County, and Tucker’s upcoming Celebration of Independence and Fireworks Spectacular.



Social Injustice Resolution

On June 8, 2020, Tucker’s Mayor and City Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution on social injustice. In this resolution, the Council calls on the Georgia legislature and members of Congress to enact hate crimes legislation.




June 8, 2020





May 8, 2020




Coronavirus Mask Initiative

Mayor Frank Auman announced Friday just before his State of the City Address plans to give away more than 6,000 surgical grade masks to those who need them most in the City of Tucker. The masks, which should become available next week, will be distributed first to assisted living facilities.



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