Updating SPLOST: What's Happening with Your Pennies?

The City of Tucker is committed to keeping its residents informed and updated on how their SPLOST dollars are being used. Look for periodic updates on tuckerga.gov/splost detailing upcoming projects.

Over the past several weeks, Tucker’s SPLOST plan has begun to crystallize. Significant steps have been taken – largely behind the scenes – to get projects lined up and have some noticeable progress made to many of Tucker’s streets before the end of 2018.

There is currently a Request for Proposals (RFP) out for bids on the road resurfacing contract. The City is also evaluating bids for a firm to inspect the resurfacing once it’s complete to make sure the work was done properly. A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is out for professional engineering services. This is looking for a group of consultants to examine possible improvements to sidewalks and intersections, as well as to conduct surveys and traffic studies. Finally, an intersection accident analysis is underway to find out how and where transportation professionals can implement safety measures to keep Tucker drivers safe.
The RFPs, RFQs and intersection accident analysis are all anticipated for completion this month.

As for road resurfacing, a pavement quality analysis by the professionals at Stantec was presented to the Mayor and City Council. This analysis surveyed every mile of Tucker roads and gave each section of road a score from one to 100 indicating how good or bad the condition of the pavement was. The Council voted to use these scores and pave the worst 22 streets in the City right away. The number of streets was based on estimates of how much resurfacing could be done with the $5 million allocated for FY ’18 and ’19. Barring weather delays or other unforeseen circumstances, all 22 streets should be resurfaced by the end of the year.

As the summer progresses, you will also start to hear a lot about the City’s Transportation Master Plan. This process is already underway, with a stakeholder committee being selected later this month. There will be numerous opportunities for Tucker residents and business owners to provide input, including a series of public meetings set to begin this summer.

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