City Council Wrap Up - December 9,  2019

Kids from Midvale Elementary lead the pledge.Tucker’s Mayor and City Council met Monday night, concluding their scheduled business for the 2019 calendar year.

Council took action on three items. The first was a vote to authorize the Mayor to execute an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) with Gwinnett County on a study of the Mountain Industrial/Jimmy Carter corridor. The study, which would be a collaboration between the City, DeKalb and Gwinnett Counties, and multiple Community Improvement Districts (CIDs), would examine issues like traffic growth, safety, and transit along that corridor. Next, they voted 6-0 to approve an IGA for the distribution of Equalized Homestead Option Sales Tax (EHOST) proceeds with DeKalb County. The final vote was 6-0 to approve a contract for construction of parking lots at Johns Homestead and Smoke Rise Park. The contract for work at Johns Homestead will go to Ryde Grading for the amount of $159,609 with a 10 percent contingency. The contract for work at Smoke Rise Park will go to Summit Construction & Development for the amount of $141,430 with a 10 percent contingency.

Council held a public hearing and second read on special land use permit (SLUP) and concurrent variance petition to allow a personal care home to operate at 5002 Chamblee Tucker Road. Council voted 6-0 to defer action on that petition.

Another item that was up for a vote was a pair of SLUPs to allow fuel pumps and alcohol sales at 4246 Lavista Road. The applicant asked for a deferral, which Council granted, because of potential impact to the property from a bridge widening project that GDOT is anticipating in the next five years.

Council also held a public hearing on a SLUP petition for a personal care home at 2722 Regal Way. The issue was up for consideration on a first read, meaning no vote was taken.

All three of those issues will be taken up at the next scheduled City Council meeting on January 14, 2020.

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