City Council Wrap Up – September 27, 2021

Tucker City Council meeting - September 27, 2021.

Mayor and City Council concluded their business for the month of September on Monday night holding a work session and special called meeting. The work session began with an update from Assistant City Manager John McHenry on development in the City. He illustrated some of the smart growth that is happening in Tucker, while also detailing improvements to parks and roadways. Council then discussed Richardson Street, a road off of Juliette Road and East Ponce de Leon Avenue that is partially privately-owned by the East Ponce Village Apartments. The apartment complex is offering to dedicate its part of the road to the City of Tucker at no cost, an agreement that would necessitate Council action at an upcoming meeting. They then discussed a potential text amendment pertaining to a “sidewalk café and entertainment district” in downtown Tucker. Such an amendment would allow restaurants to apply for sidewalk operations, as well as create an open container area where patrons could legally carry open containers of alcohol throughout the downtown. Lastly, City Engineer Ken Hildebrandt gave an update on traffic calming efforts along Brockett Road. The project, which is necessitated by complaints of excessive speeding along the corridor, has seen some progress, including striping changes to narrow lanes and installation of raised pavement markers.

During the special called meeting, the Mayor and Council voted on a trio of issues, while also holding a pair of public hearings. The first two issues they dealt with were updates to the contracts for the Henderson Park sidewalk project and the Probst Park Memorial project. The updates were necessitated by the addition of performance and payment bonds to the contracts. Both updates were approved on 6-0 votes. Next, they approved a contract with BS&A to convert to a cloud version of the software that is used across all city platforms. The two public hearings were an ordinance to amend the Fiscal Year 2022 budget, as well as an ordinance to amend the City Code to update exemptions to local occupation taxes. Both issues came before Council on first reads, meaning there were no votes or formal action taken.

Following a brief executive session, Council voted 6-0 to authorize the Mayor to sign a contract for the purchase of four parcels in downtown Tucker. The contract comes with a price tag of $1.2 million. It will allow for new downtown community greenspace, as well as housing a stretch of Tucker’s multimodal trail.

The next meeting of the Mayor and City Council will be Tuesday October 12 at 7 p.m. at City Hall (1975 Lakeside Parkway, Suite 350B).

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