City of Tucker Tax Clarification Regarding DeKalb Property Assessments

property-taxPlease disregard the Tucker City portion of your DeKalb Annual Notice of Assessment, there will not be a City of Tucker millage rate on your official 2016 tax bill. 

The purpose of the “Annual Notice of Assessment”, which many of you received today from DeKalb County, is to notify property owners of their assessed property value to allow time for any appeals, prior to tax bills being issued.  It is not a Tax Bill.  The millage rates listed on the bottom section are simply estimates, provided as a courtesy, to show property owners how a value increase would affect their tax bills.  Most estimates are based on last year’s rates.

Once the City of Tucker passed the referendum, the Tax Commissioner’s office created a line item for Tucker in their reference database.  For the purpose of assigning a City of Tucker millage rate, they used the tax rate allowed by our charter.  This was done prior to the Council being elected and once again is only being used as an estimate.  We’ve spoken to the Tax Commissioner’s office today to clarify and again there will not be a City of Tucker millage rate on your official 2016 tax bill. 

We have not transferred any tax generating services for Tucker. No millage rate is allocated by the County to fund zoning and code enforcement. These services will be among the first to be transferred to the City of Tucker and are funded through additional revenue as described below.

The City of Tucker will collect some of the funds currently paid to the County for business licenses, permits, mixed drink tax, and other fees. Again, these are not additional fees for business owners, but a transfer of fees that previously went to the County for providing the services. Once the City is providing the services, these revenues will transfer to Tucker.

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