Tucker Revamps Permitting Process for Contractors

umbrella-permit-imageTUCKER, Ga. (February 28, 2018) – The building permit process just got a lot easier for contractors in the City of Tucker. The City’s Department of Community Development announced Monday that it’s re-vamped the process, introducing “umbrella permits” to save customers time.

“If you were going to build a house in Tucker under the old system, your builder, plumber and electrician would all need to come to City Hall, pull and pay for separate permits,” explains Deputy Director of Community Development Courtney Smith. “With umbrella permits, you can pull one permit for the whole job.”

Smith says other municipalities have been able to expedite the permitting process for customers and staff by switching to the umbrella permit system. Rather than have multiple people apply for the permits, a contractor can provide affidavits for his subcontractors when applying for the umbrella permit.

With this permitting change, the Department of Community Development is also improving the process for scheduling inspections. The City’s inspection hotline has changed to (678) 597-9040. To submit for an inspection, customers simply call the hotline, give their name, phone number, permit number and inspection type. Any inspections called in before 4 p.m. on Monday through Friday are scheduled for the following business day.

In addition, the City is moving toward a more digital building process. For that reason, they are asking that builders submit digital copies for plans as well as paper copies.

More information on the City’s building and permitting process can be found at on our site on the Building-and-Permitting page. Stay tuned for future changes including updated permit applications and new routing processes that will further assist in the streamlining of the building permit process.

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