City Gathering Input Tonight on Transportation Master Plan

TUCKER, Ga. (September 13, 2018) – The City of Tucker and a team of consultants led by VHB are hosting a public input session tonight to gain feedback on the upcoming Transportation Master Plan. The plan, which will help guide long-term strategic improvements to Tucker’s roads, sidewalks and paths, will rely heavily on input from residents and other stakeholders.

“People should notice some similarities between this process and the Comprehensive Plan process conducted in Tucker last year,” said The Collaborative Senior Vice President Angela Parker, a member of the transportation consulting team. “What it comes down to in both cases is the need to hear what people want. We will be there listening and driving conversation about how people want to see transportation look in Tucker for years to come.”

The public input session is Thursday from 7-8:30 p.m. at the City Hall Annex (4228 First Avenue). It will begin with a short presentation explaining the Transportation Master Plan process. The meeting will then convert to an open house format, where attendees will have the opportunity to work through traffic issues and improvements on maps, as well as to answer questions that will help the consultants gauge community desires. Some of those questions will include:

  • What do you see as the primary transportation issues?
    ex. congestion, traffic signal, road maintenance, MARTA services

  • Which is most needed to improve driving?
    ex. reducing congestion, improved signage, optimizing traffic signals

  • What is most needed to improve walking?
    ex. complete sidewalk gaps, mid-block crosswalks, pedestrian lighting

  • Where do you want to walk or bike?
    ex. Downtown, schools, parks, shops and restaurants

Interested parties who cannot attend this input session will be able to give their feedback through an online survey, which will be posted in the coming days. The complete Transportation Master Plan should be presented to the Mayor and City Council in March of 2019.

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