Tucker Documentary Four Streets to Premiere February 27

Four-Streets-PicTUCKER, Ga. (February 19, 2019) – In honor of Black History Month, the City of Tucker is set to premiere its first documentary film, Four Streets. The movie follows the stories of several longtime residents of Tucker’s Peters Park community, sharing their memories of life in the area dating back to the 1940s through the civil rights movement and into present day.

“This area’s important because [our parents] struggled so we could have a nice place to live,” says Peters Park resident Virginia Turks Sharpe. “It might not be the finest looking home, but it’s a nice place. [There’s] a lot of love and a lot of care and a lot of value here. That’s why we value this area.”

The title Four Streets refers to the main streets of the neighborhood when it was first built more than a half-century ago: Clark Drive, Herbert Drive, Peters Road and Ramey Road. Each of those streets was named after a family that lived in the neighborhood. Tucker Communications Director Matt Holmes took on the role of filmmaker, with Social Media Coordinator Orin Romain conducting several hours’ worth of interviews, many of them eye-opening.

“We heard from a 102-year-old woman about the fear stoked by a cross burning in the community. We found out that some prominent civil rights leaders used Tucker as a meeting place in the fight for racial equality. There are countless stories from some of the first students in the area to integrate DeKalb County’s schools. This movie is going to keep some important history alive for our younger generations,” Holmes said.

The documentary also examines the role of faith in the community, noting that there are five churches all situated within the small neighborhood.

“In 1964, the members of this church got together and built this building,” recalls Apostle Thomas Smith of the Little Miller Grove Baptist Church. “[They] poured the foundation, laid the bricks and a couple of them are still here now.”

Four Streets will premiere on the City of Tucker’s Facebook page on February 28. A special preview screening will be held on February 27 at 1 p.m. at Tucker Recreation Center.

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