City of Tucker Starts Work on 2020 Budget

3-27-19-Budget-MeetingTUCKER, Ga. (March 27, 2019) – Tucker’s Mayor and City Council met Wednesday night for a first look at preliminary proposals for the Fiscal Year ’20 budget. City Manager Tami Hanlin and Assistant City Manager Cindy Jenkins led discussion on the budget, including new investments in road resurfacing and parks.

Residents will soon have the opportunity to weigh in on the upcoming Fiscal Year budget. A first read and public hearing on the budget is anticipated for the City Council meeting on April 8. A second read and vote could happen at the Council meeting on April 22. Per the City Charter, final approval of the Fiscal Year ’20 budget must occur by April 29.

The City of Tucker was incorporated in 2016. Since incorporation, the City has balanced each of its budgets while managing to maintain a zero-millage rate. The City millage rate for the upcoming Fiscal Year will be set in June.

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