Tucker Mayor Issues New Emergency Declaration

TUCKER, Ga. (March 31, 2020) – Tucker Mayor Frank Auman on Tuesday issued a new emergency declaration, amending an ordinance that already featured stringent requirements for addressing the coronavirus outbreak. In addition to providing specifics and clarity on previous orders, the declaration takes the following steps:

  • Suspending in-person dining at restaurants
  • Temporarily closing businesses with close customer contact (salons and massage establishments)
  • Recommending that seniors and those with weakened immune systems stay home
  • Halting late fees and penalties for businesses delinquent in securing a business license

“We’re issuing an amended order to make clear to our residents and businesses the range of things we’ve done and are doing, and to make clear that these are enforceable and will be enforced,” Auman said. “We agree that aligning all the policies of the City and the County makes sense, but ours is smarter, more focused, more effective at gaining wide compliance and easier to unwind when the time comes.”

Tucker previously was under a 9 p.m.-6 a.m. mandatory curfew for residents and businesses with certain exceptions. Similarly, the City had mandated that CDC requirements on social distancing and large groups be followed. All of these mandates continue under the new emergency declaration. The new emergency declaration can be found on the City website at www.tuckerga.gov/coronavirus. If there are questions on these measures, the public can call (678) 597-9040 or email info@tuckerga.gov.

View the 3-31 Emergency Declaration here.

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