Sears Mixed-Use Development Headed to City Council

Tucker’s Planning Commission held three votes Thursday night at their monthly meeting on the proposed 88-acre mixed-use development known as “The Rise”. On the request to amend the Comprehensive Plan from LIND (light industrial) to NC (Neighborhood Center) the Planning Commission recommended approval by a 3-1 vote. They then voted 3-1 to recommend approval of the rezoning to MU-3 with amended staff conditions. The final vote was a 3-1 recommendation to deny the SLUP (Special Land Use Permit) for a personal care home.

The next step for “The Rise” 
is a first read before City Council on August 14. Developer Stephen Macauley and attorney Doug Dillard indicated to the Planning Commission that they will meet with City staff before the meeting on the 14th to work through requests for additional information about the project, as well as to evaluate the recommended conditions. City Council is scheduled to hold a final vote on this project at their meeting on August 28.

As the project is discussed in the community over the next two weeks, the City would like to clarify a point of misinformation that has come up frequently on social media and at the Planning Commission meeting. In the Staff report on this project, it was stated that “the City has been approached by two industrial developers who are interested in constructing large warehouses in the Mountain Industrial Corridor, further indicating the strength of the corridor.” This comment about industrial development in the corridor referred to locations south of Hwy. 78, more than a mile away from the proposed Sears development site. Still, some in the community misinterpreted this to mean the potential warehouses would be located on the Sears site. This completely contradicts the Staff analysis, as Staff was speaking to the health and viability of the industrial corridor as a whole, not proposing specific uses for the site in question.

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