Tucker City Council Unanimously Approves Inclusion Resolution, Pledges to Set Up Working Group





TUCKER, Ga. (October 13, 2021) – Tucker’s City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to adopt a resolution providing for an “Inclusive, Fair and Welcoming City”, mirroring resolutions passed in nearby cities like Pine Lake and Stone Mountain. The resolution was introduced by Mayor Frank Auman and will be distributed to all licensed businesses within the City of Tucker.

“I have long wanted to pass a resolution confirming that we, as a city, embrace our diversity and seek to protect all people from discrimination,” Auman told the crowd gathered at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. “We have always said, well before cityhood even, that it is our people that make Tucker a welcoming place and, when we say people, we mean all people.”

In addition to the resolution, the Mayor asked Councilmembers Anne Lerner, Matt Robbins and Pat Soltys to establish the framework for a working group of residents to study a legally defensible non-discrimination ordinance for the City of Tucker.



“My fellow councilmembers, for over two years now (with some interruptions by COVID), we have been educating ourselves and talking with many, many members of the public, about how to ensure not only that Tucker is an inclusive, fair and welcoming community, but that we find a way to make clear to our citizens and to the world beyond that that is the case.

Tonight, I’m asking you to take action with me.

During the Tucker Business Association/Tucker Civic Association Mayoral Candidate Forum a few weeks ago, I said, like I have many times in the past, that I fully support the intent of a non-discrimination ordinance and have long wanted to pass a resolution confirming that we, as a City, embrace our diversity and seek to protect all people from discrimination. I’ve not pursued a resolution because some voices said it was not enough.

Well, since the forum, I’ve heard from many other voices, in homes and neighborhoods across Tucker, in the grocery store and on Main Street. These voices have urged me to present such a resolution to Council because it does have meaning. It’s what’s in their hearts. It’s what’s in my heart. It’s in your hearts, and most important it’s in the hearts of our community. Those people encouraged me emphatically to do what we can do now. They urged me to remove the politics of the matter and make it about what it should be – people. People over politics.

We’ve always said, well before cityhood, it’s our people that make Tucker a special, welcoming place. And when we say people, we mean ALL people. We should always seek to draw strength from our diversity. When we do, we accomplish great things. At no time was that more apparent than during the cityhood movement when we ALL came together to keep Tucker, ALL of Tucker as One community as others sought to divide us and pit us against one another. Instead, we united and made history. And we have continued to make historic progress ever since.

I am grateful for all of you who took the time to reach out in support of a resolution. I also want to thank the cities of Stone Mountain, Pine Lake and Columbus for sharing their own resolutions, which inform and add greatly to this one.”

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