"Tucker Tomorrow" Comprehensive Plan: Where Are We?

Consultants have been working for nearly six months to gather and analyze input in the City of Tucker’s comprehensive plan process, known as “Tucker Tomorrow”. After more than a half-dozen walking tours, several community forums and countless surveys, the team from The Collaborative is steering the process into its final stages.

“We are entering the final phase of Tucker Tomorrow,” says The Collaborative’s Senior Vice President Angela Parker, adding, “[we] look forward to presenting a plan that implements the community’s vision for the future.”

Before that plan is presented, there are several key dates left in the comprehensive plan process.

  • April 30 – Last day for residents and other stakeholders to take the Tucker Tomorrow survey
  • May 9 – Tucker Tomorrow Steering Committee Meeting
  • May 18 – Community Forum 5: Tucker Tomorrow Plan and the Community Work Program
  • June 6 – Tucker Tomorrow Steering Committee Meeting
  • June 15 – Community Forum 6

By mid-summer, the recommendations from The Collaborative will be presented to the Mayor and City Council, who will have the final say on what Tucker’s comprehensive plan should look like. The plan, which is mandated by state law, is a document that dictates public policy on issues like transportation and zoning. It is designed to guide development decisions in the City for years to come.

“The level of community engagement in the Tucker Tomorrow Plan has been outstanding,” Parker says. “Clearly Tucker citizens care deeply about their new city.”


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