Tucker Business Owners Get Answers at Comcast Forum


TUCKER, Ga. (March 1, 2017) – Dozens of Tucker residents and small business owners met face-to-face with executives from Comcast Tuesday night to express their displeasure at a recent wave of service and reliability issues that have plagued the City.

Mayor Frank Auman opened the forum, which was organized by the City and held at Tucker Recreation Center, explaining why the gathering was needed.

“It’s just an unacceptably high level of service issues: quality of service, availability of service, responsiveness when you need to make a service call,” Auman said. “We’ve been hearing a lot about that. We, City Council, staff, we’ve experienced it ourselves in our own businesses [and] even at City Hall.”

Small business owners lined up to share their stories, saying, in some cases, that the lack of internet reliability has driven them to the brink of bankruptcy.

“Any time the internet drops, I’m unable to do my job,” explained Tucker insurance agent Carmel Booth.

Booth, like many others, said she’s wrestled with internet outages for several months.

“In January, I knew I would soon be closing my doors if this continued much longer,” she shared. “I hadn’t had a paycheck in months, my income was gone and I would have to let go of my employee.”

Although most of the complaints dealt specifically with Comcast internet service, issues were raised with phone and cable reliability, as well.

Representatives from the cable giant were on hand to hear directly from customers, then to sit down and address their service issues one-on-one.

“We’ve spent over $1 billion upgrading our networks and trying to change the customer experience,” explained Comcast External Affairs Director Deyanna Jones. “Have we gotten it right? No.”

The City of Tucker was just incorporated last year, taking over a franchise agreement with Comcast from DeKalb County. Mayor Auman reminded those in attendance that this type of service issue is an example of why 74 percent of Tucker voters cast ballots in favor of cityhood.

“We can advocate for…our community on specific things that, when you’re part of a 750,000-person county, you just really can’t do,” Auman said.

The City of Tucker is committed to following up on behalf of its citizens and holding Comcast accountable for the fixes and service upgrades they promised at this forum. Residents or business owners who are not receiving that level of service can contact City Hall at (678) 597-9040.

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