City of Tucker Expanding Communication Options for Residents

TUCKER, Ga. (January 4, 2017) – With the advent of the new year, the city of Tucker is exploring new ways to communicate important information to its more than 30,000 residents.

In addition to the city website, news will be posted to the city Facebook page and to the newly revitalized Twitter handle @CityofTucker.

“With more millennials and young professionals looking to make Tucker their home, we thought it important to communicate on the platforms they use most,” says Tucker Communications Coordinator Matt Holmes.

“Study after study is showing this new generation getting information from social media way more than television, radio and all forms of traditional media combined. The way to engage with this growing demographic is to reach them on their mobile device.”

The city has also introduced a YouTube channel that features video clips from city meetings, as well as creative videos to promote business in Tucker.

While the city explores those 21st century ways of communicating, they will continue to reach out via email, instituting weekly email alerts in 2017 to let residents know about meetings and special events in the week ahead.

Additionally, the city is starting a monthly newsletter. Each edition of “InTucker” will feature a letter from the mayor, a column from Tucker’s police liaison and other items of interest to residents throughout the city. The first issue of “InTucker” will be delivered in the mail to homes and businesses later this week.

“We’re trying to reach everyone,” Holmes explains. “With this newsletter, we hope to engage those Tucker residents who aren’t yet following us through email or social media. It’s so important for a new city to communicate with all its citizens and with ‘InTucker’ we think we’ve found a great way to accomplish that.”

While the January issue of “InTucker” will be available in print and on the web, subsequent issues will be distributed digitally through the city’s web and social media platforms. If you want to continue receiving the newsletter in the mail, call City Hall at (678) 597-9040 to make that request.

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