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As Halloween comes to a close and our children prepare for the teeth cleaning from the dentist for the ridiculous amount of candy consumed, we brace ourselves for the approaching shopping season. With that, we see an increase in entering autos, especially around shopping centers. It’s a trend that’s true each year nationwide and right here at home. Because of that, I would like to take this time to remind everyone of the following:

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 LT. SmithLt. R.S. Smith has served as Tucker’s Police Liaison to DeKalb County since 2016. He recently accepted a transfer to DeKalb’s East Precinct.

We thank Lt. Smith for his dedicated service to proactive and positive policing in the City of Tucker.

Get to know our new Police Liaison, Lt. David Schoeppner, in next month’s issue of InTucker.


 THE RING VIDEO DOORBELL – On October 9, a homeowner off of Henderson Mill Road arrived home to find that her delivered packages were not on her porch. Fortunately, she had a Ring doorbell installed and was able to pull up the video footage of the delivery. Afterwards, the camera recorded two male subjects removing the packages. The video was very clear and showed the suspects picking up the packages and shaking them before fleeing the location with them. Officers obtained all of the information from the victim and notified CID. Once the detectives were able to get a copy of the video, they immediately recognized one of the suspects as someone they had previously arrested in the same area for residential burglaries. The juvenile suspect was known to them and is a person of interest in several other burglaries and entering autos in the area. Because of the video, the detectives were able to immediately obtain an arrest warrant for the suspect from a magistrate court judge. They then coordinated with the suspect’s school to have him pulled to the office and placed under arrest for the theft. The investigation is still continuing into other possible crimes.

“THOU SHALT NOT STEAL” – In the early morning hours of October 10, officers responded to an alarm call at the Little Miller Grove Baptist Church on Peters Road. When they arrived, they could hear loud noises coming from the rear of the location. Upon checking the back of the church, they witnessed the suspect climbing out of a rear window of the building and attempting to flee on foot. They were able to quickly apprehend him without incident. During their subsequent investigation, they located several stolen items in his possession from the church. They also noticed that the suspect appeared to have helped himself to some food in the kitchen and then left a note on the table stating, “Sorry, I was hungry.” The suspect was later interviewed by detectives, who were able to connect at least four additional business burglaries in the area to the suspect. He was arrested and transported to the DeKalb County Jail where he was lodged for burglary.

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