Tucker Community Spotlight

Tucker Community Spotlight - November 2017

Georgian Home Realty

When the Festival boutique shop closed its doors on Main Street earlier this year, real estate broker Jessica Crocker saw an opportunity.

“This space came available,” she recalls. “It was much more space than we needed, but we knew we would fill it up.”

Crocker and her colleagues did some renovations, then moved their Georgian Home Realty offices into the space at 2343 Main Street, right in the heart of Tucker’s thriving downtown.

“Tucker is a buzzword in real estate right now,” Crocker explains. “People from Midtown are moving here. It’s Small Town, U.S.A., but right on the edge of Big Town, U.S.A., so people really like it here.”

Georgian Home Realty has four agents, all from around Tucker, who specialize in the buying and selling of homes in this area. They say it’s definitely a seller’s market, which keeps their boutique real estate shop busy.
“The big corporate America real estate conglomerate kind of got ruined in the collapse,” Crocker recalls. “We are more of a team. We help each other with our listings and our marketing ideas and showing properties if one of us can’t get there. We really do work together.”

As for buying and selling in Tucker, they say things are changing.

“It was very affordable to live in Tucker and that’s, what I think, brought people here,” Crocker says. “But our prices have gone up a lot here in Tucker recently [and] that’s a good thing.”

For more information about Georgian Home Realty, visit their website at www.georgianhomerealty.com.

Mel Knight

“It is with great pleasure that we nominate retired DeKalb County Police Lt. Melanie ‘Mel’ Knight as Tucker’s citizen of the month.

While serving the citizens of DeKalb County, Mel came into contact with many individuals down on their luck, needing protection or just needing a helping hand. Through hard work and volunteering her time and energy, Mel was able to cultivate a network of contacts, resources and friends.

Even before Mel retired, she was well known in the Tucker community from activities such as gathering donations for needy children at Christmas, instigating the Shop with a Cop Program, working at a local food bank and helping at the abused women’s shelter.

Mel has continued in these roles after retirement. She has assisted many of her neighbors and citizens of Tucker, whether in need of funds, sick or elderly. She knows who to contact to get needed home repairs and who to refer to for other basic needs.

Mel has supported the city of Tucker by assisting in numerous events such as Tucker Day, Beat the Badge, Trunk or Treat and the Chili Cook-Off. She was also instrumental in helping organize the Inaugural 5K Road Race.

Many people slow down and put their feet up once they retire. Instead, Mel has become more involved in the community and we believe she epitomizes public service and community. She is a shining example of the type of person Tucker is honored to call a citizen.”

Nominated by Peggy Shell, Cathy Pierce, Debra Timms, Lavonne Randall, Kelley Samaras, Eric McCaskill and Marietta Slemp

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