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Rip Robertson is the first Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Tucker. He takes the job with years of experience in Parks and Rec, as well as Public Works. Rip is a former Military Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army and is active with the Army Reserve.

Daric Morris – I’m thrilled to see the long-term improvement plans for the Johns Homestead land. Rip RobertsonBut how can we get a trash can(s) in there before that? There are none right now. As more people discover this beautiful spot, it’s getting trashed.

Daric, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your park is or how many improvements you make, litter can really create a negative impression for visitors. With that in mind, I can tell you that trash cans are an issue in every one of our parks and they will be a priority once we assume responsibility for our parks in early 2018. As far as Johns Homestead is concerned, our great Friends group has been working with County Commissioner Greg Adams for immediate improvements that will include trash receptacles.

Brian Chambers – I understand Tucker Rec is one of, if not the most, used recreation centers in all of DeKalb County. Is the City of Tucker planning to hold any type of community forums where groups and citizens currently using the Rec Center will have an opportunity to provide input on what is needed?

Absolutely. Not only do I plan to hold a community meeting in the Rec Center, we are already meeting with the existing organizations that are using the Rec Center to get input on what they’re doing and how we can help them as they serve the community. The community meeting aspect will take place in 2018 and will be part of our Parks & Recreation Master Plan process.

Stephen Konigsberg – What are we going to physically do with the Rec Center?

We are looking at all our options and having the facility evaluated from top to bottom. That means looking at infrastructure like the electric wiring, HVAC system and plumbing. The information we glean from those inspections, combined with input from the community from our Parks & Rec Master Plan process, will educate our decision on how quickly and completely we can rehabilitate the building.

Jenny Borter – I know there are some new things planned for Henderson Park, can you please tell us what those changes are?

I wish there was a restroom facility by the playground/picnic area and a map of the trails for those who are unfamiliar with them.Jenny, we are keenly aware of the need for a restroom facility and that is something that is being discussed, and will continue to be discussed moving forward. The repair and maintenance of the playground and picnic pavilion will commence immediately upon our acquisition of the park. The trails have been upgraded with new bridges and boardwalks thanks to volunteer efforts by Friends of Henderson Park. Their work will continue along the other trails into the new year. A new map featuring their work is being produced and will be posted hopefully before the end of the year.

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