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“ASK RIP” Answers to Your Parks Questions 
Rip RobertsonMatthew Stancil – When will the crumbling entrance sign at Henderson Park be fixed?

 Matthew, you’re not the only one who’s noticed that crumbling old sign. Every time I enter the park on the Livsey side it looks like another stone or two have fallen away. That’s not the kind of signage we’re going to have in Tucker parks.

That sign, as well as other immediate maintenance issues, will be addressed as soon as we assume responsibility for our parks later this month. Our team has been planning and taking inventory of what needs to be fixed in the short- and long-term. That sign, for many a first impression as they enter Henderson Park, is at the top of our list.

Linda Mabee – Does your Recreation Center have activities or exercise programs for senior citizens?

Linda, we have offerings for people of all ages and stages, but some of our most popular programs are for our seniors. If you take a look at the course listing here, you’ll get a sense of the variety we offer our seniors.

What you won’t see is the impact. It’s not just that these programs are helping folks to stay mentally and physically active in their later years, these are opportunities to foster new relationships or, in some cases, rekindle relationships that go back a half-century or more. I sure hope you’ll consider joining us!

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