Tucker Community Spotlight

Tucker Community Spotlight - June 2018

Tucker Brewing Company
Tucker Brewing Company

Tucker’s newest business has been the talk of the town for quite some time.

“We haven’t even opened yet and I think we’re at like some crazy, insane Facebook number of like 1,400 (likes),” says Tucker Brewing Company co-founder Ashley Hubbard. “Nobody’s tried our brand. Nobody’s seen our brand and what we can do…that’s huge to us. Having the support without people even trying anything is just so big.”

Hubbard, along with her brother and business partner Ryan Chapman, held an invitation-only ribbon cutting and tasting at the facility on South Bibb Drive on May 19, with a formal grand opening set for Saturday June 2. They say beer aficionados should be happy with what they’re brewing up.

“We are German-style beers with Southern roots,” Hubbard explains, mimicking Tucker Brewing’s slogan. “We do pilsners, we do lagers and [we’re] kind of focusing on more traditional styles.”

The Tucker Brewing brain trust flew halfway around the world to find the most critical member of their team: the brewmaster. After plucking him from a brewing institute in Germany, they set about planning the logistics of the facility. What they came up with is stunning.

“Our tasting room is a 1,500 square foot tasting room…with an 8,500 square foot beer garden that comes equipped with a 600 square foot stage,” Hubbard says, pointing out that the vision is to make Tucker Brewing a destination for Tucker families. “The exterior is completely fenced in so that way it’s completely safe for kids. We are pet-friendly as long as they’re on a leash.”

Hubbard says her own two children were the impetus for turning part of the outdoor beer garden into a ‘Kids Corner’, complete with games and a sandbox.

It all adds up to Tucker having a new spot for family fun this summer.

Linda Clark
Mrs. Linda Clark

“As Tucker’s Community Development Director, I work daily with our staff on ways to enhance Tucker’s neighborhoods and commercial districts, while also striving to preserve the charm of this history-rich community. There are plenty of tactics and strategies to accomplish these goals, but in my 20 years of Community Development, I’ve found that no tactic or strategy can match the impact of people.

That is why I want to nominate Linda Clark as Tucker’s Citizen of the Month.

Linda is a longtime resident of the Peters Park community. In fact, the street she lives on bears her family’s name. Linda is one of several residents in that community who have grown increasingly concerned about deterioration in that part of town. Instead of getting angry about it, she contacted City Hall to see what could be done.

It turns out a lot could be done.

Linda met with myself, our Code Enforcement team, our police liaison, the Mayor and local business leaders over a period of several months. She was always pleasant, proactive and focused in on her goal: restoring the Peters Park community to what it once was.

Her efforts culminated in a Community Cleanup on May 19, where more than 75 volunteers from all over Tucker rolled up their sleeves and pitched in. Some were young, some were old. Some were black, some were white. But they were all Tucker. And they were all there because of Linda Clark. We carted off 138 bags of garbage, 39 tires, five truckloads of waste. It was remarkable, and exactly the kind of effort that any Community Development professional will tell you is a win for the neighborhood.”

Nomination by John McHenry

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