Team Tucker: Tim Lampkin

How did you arrive in Tucker?
Old school—by car—Hyundai Elantra.

What does a Planner do?Tim Lampkin
Urban Planners serve as advocates for the community and assist to make plans with the best interest of the community in mind. The ultimate goal of an urban planner is the successful functionality of a community.

A day may consist of meeting with a resident regarding zoning of a property, reviewing a site plan for a new eatery or single-family home, analyzing a rezoning proposal for compliance with the Comprehensive Plan and reviewing the allowable uses in a zoning district. We may work evenings or weekends to attend meetings and leave the office to inspect proposed development sites. Planners are your main point of contact for Comprehensive Plan queries, zoning ordinance questions, assisting you to determine your zone district and your first point of contact for variances, proposed developments and potential land use change requests.

Planners make recommendations to help guide decision makers to consider all the factors involved in a new project. Urban planners collaborate with private residents, business owners, real estate developers, non-profit organizations, architects, engineers, building officials, regional authorities, city officials and many other parties that are relevant to the sustainability of a community.

Why is planning and zoning important to our city’s vitality?
Planning and zoning is a team effort involving transportation, environmental resources, economic development, urban design, historical preservation and parks and recreation, to name a few. A wide range of partnerships ensures Tucker remains a vibrant community that protects historic, cultural and environmental resources. Planning and zoning also works with regional agencies such as the Atlanta Regional Commission to ensure Tucker has a seat at the table. It’s this synergy of regulatory compliance of our zoning ordinance and collaboration with our local partners that is pivotal in ensuring the city remains resilient and its vitality intact for future generations.

How is Tucker unique from other municipalities from a planning and zoning standpoint?
Cities are complex systems of formal and informal relationships—spatial, social, economic—that defy easy explanation. From a planning and zoning standpoint Tucker is much more efficient and things get done quicker.

Two things stand out for me working for Tucker from a planning and zoning standpoint. The first is how accessible and pro-active everyone is from the elected officials and advisory board appointees to private residents and business owners. The second is how engaged the residents and business owners are and the pride that everyone takes in Tucker. Overall, there is more concern and earnest desire. There is more transparency, access, tradition and civitas in Tucker. If something should be done, it comes down to you to do it.


What is your biggest personal achievement?
Each decade brings a new achievement: Graduating college. Completing my MA. Losing 50 lbs. in three months.Each year brings a new challenge along with new personal achievement.

What is your greatest fear?Zombie
A Zombie Apocalypse, of course.

What is the last TV show you binge-watched?
Stranger Things

What is the most ridiculous purchase you’ve ever made?
A watch— who needs a watch when you have an iPhone?

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