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The Garden Enthusiast
The Garden Enthusiast

For the past seven years, The Garden Enthusiast has been a staple of Tucker’s Main Street. Offering an array of specialty gardening products, as well as bird seed and feeders, the store built up a loyal following of green thumbs all over the Metro area.

So when owner Linda Carr decided this year to step away and spend more time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, the store’s future was in jeopardy. But, as it turns out, gardening is in the family’s blood.

“I didn’t want to see it go away,” says Scott Scheivelhud, Linda’s son and the store’s new owner. Scheievelhud’s arrival will allow his mom, not just to focus on family, but also on the garden at her home in Tucker’s Smoke Rise community. And it will allow him to make some changes to the business.

“I plan to add free delivery on purchases by Tucker residents, as well as free delivery to community gardens in Tucker,” Scheivelhud explains, adding he wants to revamp the store’s website to better serve local customers.

But with those changes, many things will stay the same. Linda Carr still plans to drop in a couple days a week to see customers and write the store’s monthly newsletter. They also will continue their commitment to charity. Over the years, The Garden Enthusiast has hosted fundraisers generating more than $25,000 for Tucker parks and historical places. And, they promise, the customer service that has made the store so successful will stay the same with the new ownership.

The Garden Enthusiast is located at 2316 Main Street.

Joe Goodman
Joe Goodman

“I would like to nominate Joe Goodman to be Tucker’s Spotlight Citizen of the Month. Joe is the publisher of Up Close and Personal In Tucker. Joe is not just the publisher, he IS Up Close and Personal in Tucker. I know Joe doesn’t know everyone in Tucker, but it seems like it. Joe uses his publication to trumpet this community. He always finds those good stories about good people doing good things.

Joe believes strongly in community as a whole and he demonstrates this by being a Tucker advocate. Anytime there is an event in Tucker like Tucker Day or the Chili Cook-Off, Joe will be found there, walking and talking. He checks in with everyone, partially because I’m sure he’s always looking for interesting stories, but more importantly, it’s obvious it’s because he cares deeply about the people in this community.

Joe has had a very interesting life, and I have encouraged him to highlight himself in Up Close and Personal. He won’t do that, because he wants to showcase others in the community. So if Joe won’t do it, I will. I’m proud to nominate a man I call Mr. Tucker, Joe Goodman!”

Nomination by Paul Fincannon

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