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UGA Tucker
As we promised, it’s been an exciting summer here in the City of Tucker. Hundreds of neighbors got together for our Movie on Main Street in June. Thousands of neighbors enjoyed our Celebration of Independence and Fireworks Spectacular in July. We’re going to cap it all off by welcoming folks to our National Night Out Celebration at Livsey Elementary on August 7.

The whole purpose of what we called the “TKR Summer of Fun” has been to engage the community and build upon the already strong sense of civic pride we have here in Tucker.

And now something else for everyone: if you’ve ever wondered why getting a project like citywide road resurfacing takes so long, or the basis on which zoning decisions get made, or where taxes are applied and spent, we have another great opportunity coming up this fall that I hope many of you will take advantage of. If you wonder how to be involved in planning our parks and trails or who to call when you see a dilapidated house that’s hurting your property value, this is for you.

Our staff is leading a six-week session of the University of Government Affairs at Tucker. This is a concept meant to educate residents, business leaders and other stakeholders on how the City of Tucker’s government functions. It will meet Tuesday nights beginning next month and each class will last around two hours. We tried this as a single session back in May and received some very encouraging feedback that made us think a full series would be a good idea. Several of our neighbor cities do this type of program and they all say that it’s a great way to connect with people and help them become informed about topics that impact their lives daily. For us, that will mean planning and zoning, code enforcement, economic development, parks and recreation, public safety and transportation.

You’ll find information on how to sign up on our website in the next couple weeks, but for now I want to extend a personal invitation to you to make the commitment to learn more about your community. I promise you won’t regret it, and that we’ll be a stronger city as we learn and work together.


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