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Tucker’s spirit of volunteerism is a subject that I’ve spoken about at length and written about in this very space. It’s a source of personal pride, as well as a hallmark of how others perceive our community.

Our volunteers were at their very best – and busiest – during the month of January. Take a look at the back cover of this newsletter and you’ll see exactly what I mean. On the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, we had more than 100 people show up to help paint the walls of Tucker Recreation Center. That same morning, a couple dozen brave souls went to Henderson Park to plant daffodils and make improvements to the hiking trails.

It was a day off from work and temperatures were in the twenties. Yet these people donned their long johns for the betterment of their community.

Speaking of the weather, dangerously low temperatures led volunteers at Tucker First United Methodist Church to open their doors for most nights in January as a place of refuge for people who needed to get out of the cold. The selflessness of those volunteers changed – and may have saved – lives.

Looking forward, I’m grateful for the service of a new group of volunteers.

I had the opportunity to swear in our new City boards and commissions last week. These men and women come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds. They are all volunteers who will be lending their expertise on our Community Council, Construction Board of Appeals, Downtown Development Authority, Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals. You can find specific descriptions of the responsibilities of each of these boards under the “Government” tab on our website, but know that these folks will be dedicating hours – mostly in the evenings – to serve and improve the City of Tucker.

I hope you don’t mind me bragging on these volunteers and the hundreds more in our community just like them. May their stories be shared and inspire others to find ways to make a difference.


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