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You get a lot of fun opportunities when you’re the Mayor of a thriving city. In my two-and-a-half years as Tucker’s mayor, I’ve cut dozens of ribbons for new businesses. I’ve been a part of events at each of our Tucker schools. I’ve traveled across the country to look at transportation solutions that could make a difference here in Tucker (see page 2).

Recently, I’ve had a couple of experiences that really touched me. The first, you saw in the September issue of InTucker. At our August 13 City Council meeting, I got to present a proclamation to Ms. Annie Bell Bailey, the oldest known resident of Tucker’s Peters Park community. At 102 years of age, Ms. Bailey has lived about half her life here in the Tucker area.

The second experience was presenting a proclamation to Mrs. Jeanette Davis on September 18, her 100th birthday. Mrs. Davis just moved to Georgia recently. In fact, she lives in The Mansions at Decatur, a stone’s throw outside our City limits.

Then, this past Sunday we hosted a block party for our neighborhood. Not only did we have nearly 100 people show up, but they ranged in age from six months to 85 years plus (see page 2).

All happening within a period of about three weeks, these events drove home for me one of the most distinguishing characteristics of Tucker: ours is an area where more and more people are looking to live their whole lives in one place. Whether that’s staying in their homes like Ms. Bailey and my neighbors who have lived in theirs for 50 years and more; in an independent living facility like Mrs. Davis; or younger people just starting out, buying a home where they might raise their families and stay for 50 years, our citizens are looking at Tucker as a place to live, work, play and pray for all their days.

What does that mean? It means that we – as individuals, as leaders, as a City government – should embrace our neighbors. We can learn from them, lean on them, and vice versa. When we care for them and care about them, we’ll be cared for in return. After all, we hope to be neighbors for a long time! You likely have seniors in your neighborhood, and maybe a younger family, all of whom could probably use a hand. I hope you’ll seek these people out. Befriend them. Listen to them. Taking a few minutes to chat with these folks might just brighten their day.

After being involved for a while at The Mansions at Decatur, they’ve started to call me their “adoptive mayor”. The residents like it when I come around and visit with them. But you want to know a secret? As much as they may enjoy having their “adoptive mayor” there, I’m the one who’s getting the most out of those visits. Don’t believe me? Try reaching out to a senior or another neighbor here in our community. After spending some time, I think you’ll see how blessed we are to have these people as the past, present and especially our future in Tucker.


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