Team Tucker Spotlight: Billy Phillips


Billy-PhillipsWhat is your job as Business Outreach Coordinator?
My job is to attract new businesses to Tucker and keep the existing ones happy. I’m more than just a pretty face, though. I keep businesses informed on policy changes that would affect them, such as the recent Brunch Bill. I also facilitate permitting where applicable and respond to other issues a business might have with the City.

How did you get to this position? This role is sort of a culmination of my experience as a commercial and residential real estate agent, as well as my education in historic preservation, urban planning and economic development planning. I’ve lived in the area for over a year now. After 15 years in New Orleans, it’s nice to be back closer to home.

What is the most important factor in maintaining solid economic development? Tucker has a strong economic base, so the most important factor right now to maintain that is to be responsive to businesses’ needs while adding to the business mix,

How is the state of business in Tucker compared to other cities around Metro Atlanta? If I had to give a State of Business Address, I would say that business is booming in Tucker. We are varied as far as industry sectors are concerned. The recently approved Comprehensive Plan and the current planning studies will give the City a vision to grow into and I look forward to bringing in the goods and services providers that will help realize that vision.

You’re relatively new. How do you like the job so far? So far, it’s been a pleasant and valuable experience. I feel I’ve already made a positive impact.


Denver Union StationWhere did you go on your last vacation? Denver, Colorado

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe? A Prince shirt I made for a concert of his: purple with a silver glitter Love symbol stencil.

Are you an iPhone person or an Android person? iPhone

Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met? Wow, a few. That would be a tie between Tori Amos and Allen Toussaint.

You can have tickets to one major sporting event. What would it be and why? Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix because that would kill two birds with one stone: an F1 race and a trip to Asia.

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