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February is recognized as National Library Lover’s Month. In past generations, the school library was seen as a place for bookworms to dig through a card catalog or silver screen delinquents to spend a Saturday detention. Today, the school library is a high-tech spot, where students can find e-books, magazine downloads and learn to use the internet for research projects.

Even though schools long ago ditched the term “library” in favor of the more technologically inclusive “media center”,  InTucker went to the media specialists at the seven Tucker Cluster schools to find out what they love most about life in the library.

Brockett Elem.
Keena McKibbins

Brockett - Ms.McKibbins
"I am the keeper of knowledge and I share with the students. We have a high circulation of books and every week they come in ready to learn."

idlewood Elem.
Frances Bishop

Idlewood - Ms.Bishop“I love my library because it reflects my student population: it is very diverse and represents the international population of Idlewood Elementary School.

Livsey Elem.
Dr. Deborah Sandford

Livsey - Dr. Sandford“The Media Center provides students access to information in a variety of formats and reading levels, as well as leisure reading materials in a carefully curated collection that supports the curriculum.

Midvale Elem.
Rose Konouck

Midvale - Mrs. Konouck“I love that children can discover new worlds and expand their horizons even when they have very little. The library is an equal opportunity place.

Smoke Rise Elem.
Beverly Yang

SRES - Ms. Yang“The Media Center is the hub of Smoke Rise. It connects the students to not only what they are learning in class, but also to what is outside the classroom walls.”

Tucker Middle
Lea Whitfield

TMS - Lea Whitfield“The Media Center is a place where we encourage learning in a myriad of ways. We bring in outside programs to entice and excite the students about reading.”


Tucker High
Roberta Barber

THS - Mrs. Barber“The library is all about resources. Whether it is space, books, databases, computers or printing…it is all about resources.”

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