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I want to start this month’s column by congratulating our Parks and Recreation staff on a successful opening of the pool at Kelley Cofer Park on Memorial Day weekend. They have worked tirelessly to ensure improvements be made during the offseason and that, most importantly, the highly-anticipated splash pad be ready for business.

The early reviews are good, but there have been plenty of questions rolling in on Facebook that I’d like to address in conjunction with the opening of the pool.

Ellen Banerjee – Do you have to live in Tucker to use the pool?
No Ellen, you don’t. One of the great things about spending your summer at the pool is that you’re getting active, making friends and cultivating community. Whether you live in Tucker or in surrounding areas, we hope you’ll come out and be a part of our community this summer at Kelley Cofer Park.

Maggie Pinholster – Are there lifeguards at this pool?
Absolutely. The lifeguards we have are highly trained and dedicated to keeping the pool incident free this summer. Now, if that means your child gets a talking to about running on the pool deck or engaging in horseplay in the pool, just remember those lifeguards are doing their job and trying to make sure everyone is safe.

Ashley Freeman – Anyone know what days the summer camps usually show up? I went last year a few times and it was full of summer camp YMCA kids. I love kids, but it was PACKED.
Ashley, we hear you on that. Summer campers will be at the pool during public hours on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 12-1 p.m. They will also get special swim time from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. on those days while the pool is closed to the public. This means more swim time for them, but less swim time during public hours.

Rebecca Ludwig – Do you offer a Military/Veteran Discount?
Yes, they will be honored at the Senior rate for daily or season passes.

There’s one more item I wanted to share while I have your attention. In July, we’re going to be doing a countdown of our favorite things about Tucker parks. If you have time, would you send an email to with a list of your top 10 favorite park features? We’ll boil down all the feedback and, starting on July 1, we’ll do a monthlong countdown of our favorite park amenities.

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