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Rip RobertsonRip Robertson is the Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Tucker. He brings to the job years of experience in Parks and Rec, as well as Public Works. Rip is a former Military Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army and is active with the Army Reserve.

In the nearly two years I’ve been running the Parks and Recreation Department here in Tucker, we’ve seen a lot of growth, but perhaps nothing more significant than the growth we experienced just a few weeks ago. After a lot of work by myself, Mayor Auman and our City Manager, we executed an agreement with the Board of Trustees for Fitzgerald Field to take over operations and make it a City of Tucker park.

I cannot overstate how big an acquisition this is for our City. These 19 acres of athletic fields have been a mainstay in the Tucker community for generations. Young sluggers have hit their first home runs here. Quarterbacks have thrown their first touchdown passes here. Countless cheerleaders have waved pom-poms here. All of that will continue under our supervision, but we plan to provide this facility with some TLC to bring it up to par with the quality of the youngsters and programming that are taking place. And we look forward to the opportunity to work alongside long-standing organizations like Tucker Football League and Druid Hills Baseball to make it happen.

Fitzgerald Field

As part of National Parks and Recreation Month, I also want to invite you out to the parks for some summer fun. We are kicking it off on July 4 with a big Independence Day pool party at Kelley Cofer Park. There will be music at the pool. We’ll grill out and offer a free lunch to everyone in attendance. There will be a hot dog eating contest, pie bake-off and a cannonball contest. Bring your family, bring your friends and bring your appetite. I think this will become a fun, new tradition for years to come.

We’re also hosting our first Dive-In Movie at Kelley Cofer Park pool on Saturday July 27. You can gather around the pool or hang out in the water on your pool noodle, and enjoy a full-length feature film. As for which film we’ll show, we’re open to input. Email with your suggestions and we’ll look forward to seeing you on the 27th!

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