Team Tucker: Toni Jo Howard

Toni-Jo-HowardWhat was your path to get to Tucker?
I have worked in both the public and private sector. However, I have discovered that I feel most fulfilled working for local governments. The opportunity at Tucker allowed me a chance to be a part of a team helping to shape the future for the City.

How is this position unique from others you’ve taken in the past?
I have served as a Finance Director for other local governments. However, Tucker is the only opportunity I have had to be the very first Finance Director.

What is your top priority for Tucker’s Finance Department?
My priority is to ensure that we have accurate and timely reporting to help the decision makers of the City.

What are some of the challenges you’re facing here in Tucker?
The City has implemented a wonderful financial software package. However, having only just implemented the software, additional work is needed to ensure we are fully utilizing the tools the software provides. Additionally, we need to further enhance our policies and procedures to streamline more processes.

Who has been the most influential person in your life?
I think the most influential person in my life has been my husband. He has really helped to shape my personality. I am an introvert, but he is an extreme extrovert. As such, he is constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone to do things and interact with people more than I would otherwise. I think without him pushing me for so many years, I would not have had acquired the skills that have allowed me so many opportunities.

Off The Wall

What was the best day of your life?
That would be tied between the day my son and daughter were born.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?
I packed up my car and drove across country by myself to start a job in Seattle. My husband wasn’t able to leave as quickly so it became a solo mission to get our life started there. I had never lived anywhere but Georgia so this was a huge change.

If you could choose to live in one decade, which would it be?
I would chose to live in the 70s. I feel like there were so many movements that were so impactful to changes in our society that it would have been an exciting time to be involved.

What’s your go-to movie genre?
I would have to say crime thrillers. I love trying to figure out who did it and why. I would be Nancy Drew in another life.


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