splost-updatesThis summer, the City of Tucker completed its second SPLOST-funded road resurfacing campaign. The project, which included resurfacing of collector roads and neighborhood streets, was based on pavement condition of streets throughout the City, then prioritized by crew availability and other factors like proximity to school zones. As always, Tucker’s SPLOST team was led by City Engineer Ken Hildebrandt and Superintendent Sam Durrance. Between the two of them, they kept the paving contractors on schedule and under budget, while minimizing the temporary headaches for drivers in those affected areas.


Tucker’s roadways aren’t the only beneficiaries of the SPLOST revenues. Parks and Recreation are getting major upgrades thanks to the additional penny tax.

TENNIS COURTS: Newly installed light stanchions will soon allow for Henderson Park to host tennis leagues and tournaments in the evenings.
TRAILS: Outdoor enthusiasts will notice major upgrades to the hiking trails throughout many of Tucker’s parks.
GYMNASIUM: Major renovations are coming to Tucker Recreation Center. Discussions are underway on how to best repurpose the existing gymnasium.


The City is already gearing up for an ambitious resurfacing campaign to begin in the spring of 2020. Project managers will be going through the 2018 Pavement Management Study to identify the worst roads and road supersections that still need to be repaved. They anticipate having about $4 million to spend, most of the money coming from SPLOST revenue. This should fund the resurfacing of 12 miles’ worth of residential streets, putting down new pavement on more streets than the previous two resurfacing campaigns combined.

There is $850,000 available for sidewalk projects, including one currently in design along Idlewood Road. Engineers will be finishing up Phase One of the City’s sidewalk gap project, which has already connected sidewalks on thoroughfares like Hugh Howell, Brockett and Fellowship Roads. Money will be spent on additional pedestrian safety improvements, including solar powered flashing beacon crosswalks at several schools across the City.

The other major project on the horizon is pavement marking. The City is supplementing a state grant with SPLOST money that will lead to improved striping, raised pavement markers and higher visibility crosswalks on several roads, including Chamblee-Tucker Road.

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