Builder's Corner

Steve Holder

1. Why do I need a permit to re-roof my house? Your permit allows the building department to inspect for potential hazards and unsafe construction. By ensuring your project meets the minimum building code standards of safety, the building inspection can reduce the risk of leakage, structural collapse and other issues that might result in costly repairs. Inspections complement the contractor’s experience and act as a system of checks and balances that can result in a safer project.

2. May I, as the owner, do the re-roof myself? Yes.

3. Will my roof be inspected?  Yes, the permit holder must call for a Sheathing inspection and a Final Roof inspection.

4. How many layers of roofing are allowed?  Two layers are allowed; however, we recommend removing the old layer.

5. Is drip edge required? Yes, drip edge requirements were added to the Code in 2012.

6. Is Ice Barrier required? No, this region of the country has no history of ice forming along the eaves.

7. What should be done with existing roof jacks and vents? These must be raised to the level of the new roof and replaced if they are in poor condition, badly rusted or otherwise deteriorated.

8. Do these rules apply to Insurance covered repairs? Yes, regardless of the reason behind the work, current codes shall be met.

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