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City of Tucker Gets Art Students Involved in Census Effort


In 2017, Tucker moved City Council meetings into a new Council Chamber at the City Hall Annex. Staff quickly realized that the drab gray walls were not in keeping with good feng shui. So, they picked up the phone and called on the City’s youngest, and perhaps most talented, group of artists. Thus, began a relationship that has kept the walls of the Council Chamber bright and interesting ever since.

“It’s great to have an avenue where the students can exhibit their works,” said Tucker High art teacher Roscoe Jackson. “Each exhibit is based upon a theme that has either a wholesome or a universal significance.”

Jackson’s students have been responsible for a half-dozen art exhibits with a variety of themes, but their most recent exhibit, unveiled last month, is likely their most impressive. It ties in with the City’s push to get a complete count in the ongoing United States Census. The artwork is in a variety of media and showcases the diversity and uniqueness of all different people who need to be counted.

“The City asked for and received the creativity and artistry of the art class at Tucker High School to emphasize the importance of Tucker’s first-ever Census,” said City Councilman Matt Robbins, who is serving as Chair of Tucker’s Complete Count Committee.

“I hope all will be able to see their works when what we are dealing with (coronavirus) is over.”

For Jackson and his students, the meaning of this Census exhibit is personal.

“Representing a school with over 30 different nationalities, we wanted to make sure our students understood the importance of everyone being counted and no one being ostracized,” Jackson explained, adding, “and that them being counted would benefit the City of Tucker as a whole.”

The exhibit will be up through October to encourage everyone in the Tucker community to complete their Census forms. For more information on the U.S. Census process and why you should take part, visit

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