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Sanah Sayani has worn many hats in her professional career. Once a television personality, she moved to Tucker to become an entrepreneur, opening her own spa. But now, just weeks after celebrating her one year anniversary of doing business in Tucker, she has taken a step back, transitioning to a seamstress.

“Typically, what we do is thread eyebrows, facials, waxing,” Sayani explains. “Business is shut down because you can’t touch anyone and so we shut it down.”

Shut down by the global outbreak of the coronavirus. With the virus spreading from person to person, businesses like Sayani’s that require customer contact were forced to close, dealing a terrible blow to small businesses across the area. But, as Sayani will tell you with a smile, she found a new calling during this time of temporary turmoil.

“We’ve sent about 2,000 masks through these doors,” she says.

That’s right, Sayani has turned her spa into a sewing studio where she, her mom and brother are making masks to keep people safe during the outbreak. They make the masks through the generosity of donors, giving them away to anyone in the community who may need one. They’ve worked in conjunction with the Facebook group Tucker Makes Masks to get thousands of custom, hand-crafted, reusable masks out into the community.

“I’m not running a business right now. I have tons of free time on my hands,” Sayani laments. “Success would be really just limiting the amount of people going into the hospital. Flattening the curve. Whatever we can do to help at this time.”

Her efforts have been so helpful, they’ve attracted the attention of multiple media outlets, most recently landing her a spot on the WSB television news. The attention is welcome, but Sayani says her real motivation is helping her neighbors.

“A sense of community has been rejuvenated in me,” she says. “I feel like, you know what? If things go bad in life, the community is there to support us. If anybody needs any help, the whole community will come together. Especially the Tucker community. It’s a very strong community.”

Sayani says she looks forward to re-opening her business at some point in the near future. But, in the meantime, she’s learning a lot about herself and her community as she spearheads this effort to keep people well and save lives.

You can find Thread Beauty Spa online at or visit in person once they re-open at 4426 Hugh Howell Road.

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