Tucker's Lakes Held in Check By Dams

Did you know there are four dams within Tucker’s city parks? These structures are critical to preserving our parks, surrounding neighborhoods and, in some cases, lives in the community. Get to know your Tucker dams!


Cofer Lake

Never seen the dam at Kelley Cofer Park? Think again. In fact, you’ve probably driven over it! The dam at the lake’s north end is the elevated North Park Drive.


Lake Erin

Situated on the northwest end of the lake, this is Tucker’s only Category One dam. That means loss of life and property are possible in the event of a breach.


Johns Homestead

There are actually two dams at the Twin Brothers Lakes. One is situated in between the lakes, while the other is at the north end.

Dams like the ones at Johns Homestead Park are actually part of the DeKalb County stormwater system. That means maintenance and improvements are the responsibility of DeKalb Watershed, not the City of Tucker.

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