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main-moon-tuckerIn the nearly five-year history of InTucker, the magazine has recognized more than 50 companies as “Business of the Month”. Never before in all those issues has a business been recognized when it wasn’t actually open for business. But that, unfortunately, is the case this month.

On May 11, a kitchen accident took the life of one of the beloved owners of Tucker’s popular Main Moon Chinese restaurant. Mei Ying Chen’s death shook the Tucker community to its core, and left loyal customers asking what they could do to help her family. Instantly, those customers began donating to a GoFundMe account. They were soon joined by local business owners and others who wanted to step up and cover things like funeral expenses and kitchen renovation costs. In all, the effort raised more than $30,000 to assist the family as they continue to grieve the loss of their loved one.

The tragedy is reminiscent of the 2016 death of Joey Aromsuk, proprietor of popular Tucker restaurant Mai Thai. In that instance, the community banded together to raise money to pay to have the restaurateur’s remains flown back to his native Thailand. Mai Thai never re-opened, and the community still has scars from the loss of a beloved member.

Because of all that’s happened, Main Moon remains closed. Without a critical staff member and with heavy damage to the kitchen, there is no way for the restaurant to serve its delicious Chinese delicacies to the community. But, with a fervent customer base clamoring for the restaurant to come back, there is little doubt Main Moon will be open again soon. It is even more certain that Mei Ying Chen’s memory will live on with customers for a long time to come.

Main Moon is located at 4418 Hugh Howell Road. You can find them online at

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