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LT. SmithOn March 30 of this year, many of us were shocked to hear that part of I-85 had collapsed due to a fire and would be closed for several months. This incident obviously dominated the news stations, as it affected a majority of the city. Unfortunately, this story drowned out another tragic incident which led to the first homicide of the year for the city of Tucker.

According to witnesses, a black 2012-2015 Nissan Altima was observed aggressively following and terrorizing Gerald Lovell Tisdale II as he was driving his Jeep Cherokee. As the vehicles passed Mountain Industrial Boulevard on Highway 78 eastbound, the Altima pulled alongside Mr. Tisdale and a passenger discharged a handgun at the victim. His Jeep Cherokee immediately left the roadway and struck a retaining wall, catching fire. Several motorists stopped to render assistance and Mr. Tisdale was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

This case is still open and under investigation by our Homicide Unit. Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers Atlanta anonymously at 404-577-8477 to leave your tip and be eligible for a reward.


Steering Wheel

I would like to take this opportunity to go over a few things that we all can do to avoid similar situations like this. First and foremost, avoid actions that routinely enrage other drivers. These would include:

  • cutting vehicles off
  • driving slowly in the left lane
  • tailgating
  • blocking the turning lane
  • not using your turn signal
  • using obscene gestures

Additionally, there are several things you can do to keep yourself from becoming upset at other drivers and escalating the situation. These would include:

  • leave early, allowing yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination
  • listen to music that makes you happy or calms you down
  • avoid distractions (i.e. cell phone, eating, reading, applying makeup)
  • avoid using your horn unless absolutely necessary

Finally, if you find yourself in a situation that’s turning hostile, there are several things you can do to de-escalate the situation. These would include:

  • move over if someone is tailgating you
  • use an “I’m sorry” gesture (waving)
  • avoid eye contact
  • resist the urge to retaliate
  • slow down and allow the other driver to pass
  • if none of this works, contact 911 for assistance or go to your nearest local police station

We all want to get to our destination as quickly and safely as possible, but nothing is worth losing your life. Please be careful and drive safely!

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